Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Is There an Editor in the House?

I expect better from The Washington Post than this sentence-long paragraph I found in one of the short reports in today's Sports section. The article concerned the naming of Mike Munchak as head coach of the NFL's Tennessee Titans. I actually wish I remembered more about diagramming sentences so I could try it with this one. Ready?

"This will be the first head coaching job for Munchak, who turns 51 in March, with the only franchise the offensive line coach and Hall of Fame lineman has ever played or worked for since being selected eighth overall by the franchise, then in Houston, in 1982."


  1. Oh, this sentence would be fun to diagram! I beleive the sentence is trying to say:

    The Tennessee Titans (also known as "the franchise") have a new head coach, Mike Munchak. Coach Munchak will be 51 in March. This job is his first job as a head coach. His other jobs in football, all of them with the Titans, include being a Hall of Fame lineman and their offensive line coach. The Titans were located in Houston, Texas, in 1982 when he was selected by them as the eighth overall pick during the NFL draft.

    Maybe they do not have time to teach diagramming these days, and so we see the sentences we see.