Friday, March 4, 2011

Pork Inspirations

Shades of the first post on this blog, today's topic is pork. You know, pork, the other white meat. (I have a bumper sticker that proclaims cat as the other white meat, but that's a whole other subject.) Except that pork is no longer the other white meat. That slogan has been relegated to "heritage" status in favor of Pork Be Inspired. Or, as the pork folks put it, "Building on the success of The Other White Meat, which will remain as a heritage brand, Pork Be inspired communicates to the legion of pork fans that pork is delicious, versatile and can stand on its own – there is no need to rely on comparisons with other meats. Pork Be inspired is really about celebrating everything that is wonderful and unique about pork." Everything that is wonderful and unique about pork? How about that no other meat that I know appears in anything like the pork rinds with which Talk from The Hand started. As for other pork-inspired notions, we won't go there, at least not here.