Friday, January 13, 2012

The Hand Returns

I may not have been getting out enough given how long it's been since I've seen something that just called out to be put up here. I bought underwear today. You can shout, "TMI!" all you want, but the underwear I bought came with this label. Wedgie free underwear. Wedgie free? Since when did underwear inflict wedgies? Wedgies are inflicted by big brothers; I have photos of older son's atomic wedgie of younger son that should likely be destroyed before I die and they're thrown open to the world for viewing. Or perhaps big sisters; since I never had a sister, I can't really comment on what sisters might inflict on one another. All I know is that underwear in and of itself does not administer wedgies; therefore, to label it "wedgie free" is inappropriate. As for whether someone else can inflict a wedgie on me when I wear the new underwear, well, that is TMI, thank you very much.