Thursday, January 27, 2011


Another souvenir from the recent trip to Florida. What is it about Florida besides that it seems very much another world? The ten gun and pawn shops in a four-mile stretch of highway--not to mention the motorcycle shop that also boasted of "Guns Guns Guns" on a window banner--and the convenience store touting "Coldest Beer in Town ~ Food Stamps Accepted" aside, this business card was up for the taking from the bulletin board at a Chinese restaurant. Let's think about these consultants who shall remain nameless. (I feel a need to tread carefully since they're located so close to all those gun shops.) They specialize in divorce, modifications (though they don't say of what), bankruptcy, immigration, translation, and adoption. They want to make sure that we understand that they are nonlawyers and cannot give legal advice! Of the specialties listed, only translation jumps to mind as one in which legal advice probably wouldn't be helpful. And you might not need legal help with modifications depending on what it is you're trying to change. So who's been using these people for the over 10 years they've been gaining experience? And why? And how much have they been paying? Enquiring minds want to know. Oh, right, the folks who used that slogan are also based in Florida. Never mind.

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  1. That is truly one of the most bizarre business cards I have ever seen. No, I take that back--I'm pretty sure it's the most bizarre! But it has left me intrigued. Seriously, aren't you just dying to give them a call?